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God Provides Inventions! But, We Only Utilize 1 Out Of 100!

Of the over 200,000 patents filed each year in America, about 1% will be commercialized. That is only 2,000 new products making their way to the marketplace annually! We discovered why this figure is so low. Subsequently we developed a means to more than double the number of inventions commericialized each year.

Where does your income and, for that matter, all income originate? All prosperity is a direct or indirect result of "inventions" produced from the raw materials of "agriculture and mining". Invention Discovery Center will soon be publishing a book regarding the subject. Everything that has been manufactured came out of agriculture and mining! You will soon see, in addition to other God created natural provisions, agriculture and mining are the only two raw materials required by every invention. Take the test and prove it to yourself, while humans utilize other God given provisions like the sun for solar power, all other invention components either come from agriculture and/or mining.

It is an undeniable fact that America has been teetering on the "economic brink" for decades. One factor affecting the low gross national product is that too few products are being launched. We formed Invention Discovery Center for the purpose of uncovering the primary cause for the low success rate of moving inventions from "patent pending" to actual "marketable" products. After years of research, we discovered "failed inventions" had one thing in common. All inventions were ready to patent - but "they were NOT ready to be commercialized!" The bottom line to our research showed that "LACK of market study" was the greatest reason 99 out of 100 inventions failed to become a viable product.

We discovered that INVESTORS routinely refuse to even look at inventions that do not posses reliable data to verify an expected return on investment. The bottom line to our research showed that “most inventors could not afford to give investors the needed professional market studies. We created a way to provide that data required by investors. Our objective is to create jobs through helping to commercialize inventions. It must start with a professional market study. This is provided at no cost to inventors.

While developing this system we saw the great economic impact we would have on many communities. It is clear that we could increase commercialized inventions from 1% to even 2%. That would create new jobs and bring "new wealth" to many communities. The increased commercialization would, also, have an indirect impact on the prosperity of supporting entities as they help move products through the marketplace! This would include marketers, distribution, financing, and job shops.

We agree to do those studies with a pact to "never charge an inventor," therefore Invention Discovery Center operates as a not-for-profit as that relates to inventors. All market studies are totally free. As each invention study is completed, we turn the data over to the commercialization team. If that invention has not been commercialized within the contracted period, we turn all data over to the inventor. We believe that many inventors will see that we could be a valuable asset and offer us the opportunity to commercialize their product.

For now, our objective is to provide our readers with enough information to join our effort to create jobs by becoming members. On this site, members will be asked to critique new inventions. We will actually pay our members for their opinions of each new invention, business concept and/or franchise. We do that through offering a cash reward of $500 to $5,000 to any member that introduces us to their community where we "invest" a new product with one of their local manufacturers to create new jobs. Our pioneering program has been launched on-line first while we are constructing a large facility between Springfield Missouri and the Arkansas line. This will be where members and the public will be able to see over 1,000 inventions in order to enjoy as well as critique. For more details, please use our "contact us" form.


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